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Anticipating the semi-annual golf course superintendent’s average salary figures October 16, 2009

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The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)  surveys  its members semi-annually on topics such as average salary, budget, experience and other important topics.  This is done to get a better grasp on understanding those individuals that work within the industry. The focus of the GCSAA in this survey delves into aspects such as years of experience, the number of employees they manage, budget size, and future aspirations.

According to the GCSAA report “In 2007, half of all superintendents earn $66,000 or more annually, 25 percent of all superintendents earn more than $87,550, and the top 10 percent earn $115,000 or more annually.” The survey divides superintendent’s budgets into several aspects like maintenance, capital, water, and payroll. On average superintendent’s manage an all inclusive budget of $750,000 annually.

4,078 superintendents participated in the 2007 survey. The numbers for 2009 have not yet been released but I eagerly await them. As an aspiring superintendent the most interesting aspect of the survey is the constant rise in average salaries. From 2005 to 2007 the average base salary rose over seven percent and had a 47.9 percent increase since 1995. The need for qualified turfgrass managers is not surprising to me. An aging core of golf course superintendents and sports field managers has led way to an infusion of young prospects. Although at the current moment in time we lack the invaluable workplace experience that most in the industry can boast 15 plus years, future turfgrass managers are as educated as anyone in the industry. The new generation of superintendents is as skilled and committed as ever. It’s no surprise we are being compensated adequately for it.

***Source from GCSAA website***


2 Responses to “Anticipating the semi-annual golf course superintendent’s average salary figures”

  1. herhockey Says:

    Great information in your post. You obviously did some good research. I felt a little overwhelmed with numbers though. And I’d love to hear more of your opinion on compensation for supers. Is it too low, too high, just right? What do you hope to make?

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