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Independent Study: Sustainable Golf Course Management November 30, 2010

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What is it? How do we achieve it?

•Maximize plant health culturally
•Correct major soil drainage or chemical problems
•Become a keen observer and meticulous record keeper
•Fine tune fungicide programs by choosing the best nozzles repeated calibrations
•Utilize fertilizers that contain phosphite (H2PO3-) for preventative anthracnose foliar blight and pythium blight management

Best Disease Management Programs
The best disease management programs utilize an integrated approach. This includes:
• Improving plant health (Host)
• Utilize an appropriate mowing strategy (Host)
• Correct pathogen identification (Pathogen)
• Establish disease thresholds (Pathogen)
• Evaluate the growing environment for shade and air circulation (Environment)
• Maintain environmental safety (Environment)

Improve plant health by correcting major soil drainage or chemical problems, managing thatch, limiting shade, maintaining good airflow, and providing optimum turfgrass fertility. This is the cornerstone of turfgrass management. Proper equipment calibration and selection of the best nozzles and water volume carrier will maximize fungicide efficacy. Establishing and maintaining disease thresholds starts with scouting and mapping and requires meticulous record keeping. Historical data tell us when conditions are conducive to disease development. Implement a disease control program based on this information. Maintain environmental safety by developing pesticide and fertility programs that are safe for ground and surface water, animals, and humans.

Use of Phosphonates
Phosphites work both directly and indirectly to enhance disease suppression and should be used exclusively as one component to a preventative disease management program. (See reverse for research data.)


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  1. it seems to be few valuable points, i agree with u , u can see more information on which i am relying on ! thanks.

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