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Human Resources Independent Study February 1, 2011

Filed under: Independent Study: Personalities in the workplace — Graham J. Wieja @ 7:00 pm

This semester for my special studies project I have shifted my focus from the golf course and its’ sustainability, to those dedicated individuals who collectively run the course as one unit. My focus this semester will be in Human Resources. Along with the help of long time superintendent Dean Baker, currently at the Club at North Halton, in Georgetown Ontario. I intend to explore and discuss distinct personalities in the workplace and how you can work with and for them.

Studies have shown there are four key personality types: Expressive, Amiable, Analytical and Driving. Each of these four personalities have both their strength’s and weaknesses obviously. But did you know there are distinct tactics and ways to not only co-exist with them in the workplace, but excel alongside them? Now you do! Whether you are in a management position, or working for someone who is, each and every individual can take steps to compliment personality types and excel in the workplace.

The goal is simple. Put the best product out to your customers or membership day in and day out. Easier said than done. Personalities are part of the fun of working on a crew. They can also be the reason why going to work every day is a chore. Stay tuned to the soiled thoughts throughout the semester as I will explore and share my findings about personalities in the workplace and how to co-exist when all hope seems lost!


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