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Personality Types March 8, 2011

Filed under: Independent Study: Personalities in the workplace — Graham J. Wieja @ 4:33 am

Today I am discussing personalities in the workplace and how to better deal with co-workers, employers, and their personalities. Personalities differ greatly from person to person however we all share common characteristics with others.

Studies have shown there are four key personality types: Expressive, Amiable, Analytical and Driving. Each of these four personalities have both their strength’s and weaknesses . There are distinct tactics and ways to not only co-exist with them in the workplace, but excel alongside them. Whether you are in a management position, or working for someone who is, each and every individual can take steps to compliment personality types and excel in the workplace.

In my independent study I will outline the four personality types along with the favourable and unfavourable characteristics that go along with them. From this I will draw up management tactics for dealing with each type of personality, as well develop strategies to work for each type of personality so stay tuned for that.

The four personality types characteristics and explanation:

Driver: Drivers are motivated self starters. They need to achieve results as fast and effective as is possible. They are direct and often overlook an individuals feelings when focused on achieving a goal . They are very pragmatic. Some other features of the driver personality are:

o Objective-focused and action-orientated
o Know what they want and how to get there, decisive
o Effective problem solver, results driven person
o Sometimes can be a competitive risk taker
o Forceful and determined, relates to the ends justify the means
o Direct and assertive, does not shy away from conflict

Expressive: Expressives are highly energetic and animated people. They boast social skills and can generally fit into any conversation at ease. Decisiveness is often a weakness of expressive personality types. They generally need to think situations through and rely on others to excel. They are viewed as dramatic and impulsive.

o Verbally animated, dramatic, confident, and enthusiastic
o Can be impulsive, influential, and convincing
o Good motivators, and generally effective communicators
o Can be very confident and very competitive
o Can tend to exaggerate, leave out facts and details
o Optimism a plenty

Amiable: You can depend on this person to be loyal to you. They are easy to confide in. Amiables will shy away from conflict as much as possible and reach decisions quickly. They are warm and sensitive. Amiables can be seen as push over’s. Some other attributes of the amiable personality type are:

o Kind-hearted and sympathetic, shies away from conflict
o Relaxed, mature, supportive, and stable
o Loyal team player
o Patient, preserving person can be highly sensitive
o Often quiet and soft-spoken, effective listener

Analytical: Analytical people are people who really think things through. They are logical and very fact driven. They can be seen as overcautious and boring. This is part of their charm. They are very thorough and do not like to make rash decisions. Sometimes this causes them to be seen as anti-social. Some other attributes of the analytical personality type are:

o Highly detail oriented people that are cautious and controlling
o Can have a difficult time making decisions
o Tend to be very conventional, logical, and systematic
o Tend to be highly critical people
o Can tend to be pessimistic in nature
o Very precise, orderly, and perceptive


2 Responses to “Personality Types”

  1. Dean Says:

    Good start Graham on DTM 4800 Project. Very interested in your comments and thoughts to come. New ideas alway add to the mix!!
    Will stay posted… Dean Baker

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