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Fusarium patch in August? August 16, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Graham J. Wieja @ 3:42 am

Nineteen out of Thirty-one days Charlottetown saw rain in the month of July. Hand watering hoses have been silent. It’s been a very cool and wet summer and there are indications of Fusarium (michrodochium) patch on a few greens. The orange-bronze mycelial ring is an indication of the Fusarium caused by the same fungus that causes pink snow mould, michrodochium nivale. Belvedere Golf club has seen a lot of traffic despite the wet weather so disease suppression on the poa annua greens isn’t strange for this time of the year. Fusarium or Michrodochium patch is surprising however. Generally you see it in the late fall around October or so. Dollar spot is active but we’ve seen very little suppression to date.


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